Message from Founder

Dear Friends,

In this age of specialization, it has become vital for students to have industry specific knowledge for a successful career.

At O2 Skills, We provide employment linked, market oriented vocational training to the economically and socially backward youthand are committed to providing successful career and placement opportunities.

We started our journey in the year 2013, led by our determination to transform lives of the people by providing them sustainable livelihood.

Government of India through its various skill development programs has played an important role in providing excellent livelihood opportunities.

I am happy to see that the government has recognized our sincere efforts. Our training centers are recognized by various states governments. As a result, we have been selected as implementation agency for imparting training for the underprivileged youth under schemes across India.

Along with bringing recognition, it has also brought us a great responsibility – the responsibility to live up to the expectations of our stakeholders and we are committed to it.

Indiacurrently faces severe shortage of skilled manpower, the reasons include dropping out of high school because of poor education, needing to support family at an early age, a lack of information on the employment opportunities, and mostly not having the basic skills to get employed.

Many youth engage in daily wage work unaware of the opportunities available to them. My advice to the youth is to look for an institute which not only gives them the platform to obtain a degree, but also make them ready for their employment.

With Best Wishes,
Ritesh Reddy Mastipuram.
Managing Director.
O2 Skills