Our Team

The O2 team is committed to providing exceptional training and outstanding students. Dedicated and committed to their common goal of providing the best in the field, they bring years of experience and in-depth knowledge in their respective fields.

The O2 Skills team comprises of professionals from different fields who have all come together with their varied experiences to work towards. More than 100 employees are presently working in 7 states. The team comprises of management/business graduates, engineers, social workers, etc.

The Management team has the vital responsibility for directing and guiding the activities of the company. O2 Skills Operations team is the key force in actualizing organization’s goal into reality; and the Operations team is supported by Human Recourses, Finance and Accounts, Marketing, Admin, IT, Training and Development etc.


Ritesh Reddy Mastipuram MD (O2 Spa and O2 Skills)

Mr. Ritesh Reddy Mastipuram, Founder of O2 Skills and O2 Spa was born in India in Nov, 1977 and completed his bachelor’s degree in Engineering before heading to United States to complete his masters in Engineering. He has worked extensively for over 8+ years in the US in fields as diverse as business development, product development, and organizational development, before relocating to India in the end of 2007 to pursue his interest. He has started his first Spa outlet in Novotel Hyderabad to service the untapped wellness segment. From the get go, O2 spa at Novotel has seen phenomenal patronage from a lot of frequent customers, Seeing the high demand in this space, O2 look an endeavor to constantly pursue this field to create a nationwide presence with over 50 outlets across India and Middle East. He has been instrumental in getting in to skill development training in the year 2013. He has successfully initiated vocational training in North Eastern States, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh with ministry of labour and employment under SDI scheme training hundreds of students.


Swetha Reddy Arikatla
Director – O2 Skills

Ms. Swetha Reddy Arikatla: Director of O2 Skills has a bachelor’s degree in engineering with over 10 years of experience in Spa and Wellness, Skill development training.