Trainer Profiles

Mr. Vijay Kotna
Hospitality trainer

Name:Mr. Vijay Kotina

Designaiton: Hospitality trainer

Experience: 14 years of rich experience and joined O2 from Sarada College of Hotel Management

Ms. Lairisukjang Dkhar Sawian (Aleena)
SPA Therapist


Designation: SPA Trainer

Experience: Meghalaya with 10 Years of experience

Hobbies :are playing chess

Ms. Asiya Begum
Beauty trainer

Name: Ms. Asiya Begum

Designation: Beauty trainer

Experience: 5 years of experience as beautician

Ms. Niharika
Hair & Beauty trainer

Name: Ms. Niharika

Designations: Hair & Beauty trainer

Experience: 7 years of experience in various organisations

Ms. Gorre Jyothi
Beauty trainer

Name: Ms. Gorre Jyothi

Designation: Beauty trainer

Experience: 9 years of experience as beautician.

Mr. Bikash Krushna Das
Hospitality trainer

Name: Mr. Bikash Krushna Das

Designation: Hospitality trainer

Experience: 8 years of experience and joined O2 from Sarada College of Hotel Management

Mr. Deepak Kumar
Hospitality Trainer

Name:Mr. Deepak Kumar

Designation:Hospitality Trainer

Experience: 18 Years of experience from reputed Hotel Management college before joining with O2

Mr. Srikanth
Hospitality Trainer

Name: Mr. Srikanth

Designation: Hospitality Trainer

Experience: 3+ Years of experience from Hotel management industry and joined O2.

Ms. Shantha Kumari
Hair trainer

Name: Ms. Shantha Kumari

Designation: Hair trainer

Experience:10 years of experience

Mr.Penchalaih Naidu
Soft Skills trainer

Name: Mr.Penchalaih Naidu

Designation: Soft Skills trainer

Experience:5 years of experience and joined O2 skills from Tech Mahindra

Mr. Ramesh
IT trainer

Name: Mr. Ramesh

Designation: IT trainer

Experience:10 years of teaching experience in different graduation colleges